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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Customer Comments! by Tlynnsmith

I purchased the black leather case, with the white stitching. It's a nice quality case, but it's almost impossible to get the phone out. The fit is way too tight, and I was scared I was going to damage the screen, trying to get the phone out.

I'm going to try to manually stretch it out a bit, and then try to use it.

Hi, Thanks for your good comments!
The cases that you purchase, is measure to the exact size of the bold, leaving no extra inch in your pockets.

Eventually after a few days of usage, it will stretch to your needs.

Or, if you want immediate result, You can use some recycle newspaper, teared it to pieces and stuff the case (real tight) within a day it will stretch and form the shape!

You know what? It's a truly marvelous case! But yes, I had to stretch it for two days, to get it loose enough to get the phone out. I gave you neutral feedback on Etsy...because of that. I could not get my phone out, when I first got it.

My first case was a Beyza...I lost it, and replaced it with your case. But that case had an opening at the bottom, so I could push the phone out. It was tight, just like yours, but that push action at the bottom helped.

I hooked you up on Etsy. The leather quality is superb and it's just...gorgeous. Of course, I'm happy that I can get my phone out. I'm going to post pic, as soon as I charge my camera.


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